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Vacancy for Competitive Exams Teacher

We are looking for kick-ass teachers and mentors with exceptional command over competitive exams syllabus and diverse knowledge beyond standard books. If you feel that you have the quality and ability to assist us in any of our courses, you may send in your resume for us to evaluate and cal for an face to face discussion.  Associating yourself with Vidyasagar Institute will help you gain both intellectually and financially. By joining us at this stage, you will grow as we grow. You will be a part of a journey that can alter the whole competitive exams preparation scenario.

You should not only have command over the subject you are willing to teach but also have a flair for creating course materials individually as well as in cooperation with other teachers. You should have the mental capabilities of thinking out of the box when it comes to preparing students for their careers.

If you have an idea which you think can be implemented by Vidyasagar Institute, or you think you can start up a course individually, which is not offered by us yet but has a demand in the competitive examination scenario, you may send in your offer to take in charge of the syllabus and course. We welcome innovative and new approach to assist our students in every possible field we can, and would appreciate your contribution and thinking.

We at Vidyasagar Institute value talent and welcome new and innovative ideas oriented creative teachers and trainers throughout the year.  If you have the confidence and the willingness to work for one of the most challenging field, teaching grown ups for their career,  send in your application to for us to know you and schedule a time for a face to face dialogue.