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Shruti Chadda, Phd in Contemporary English, is profoundly teaching English with excellence at Vidyasagar Institute for the last nine years.

From the very first day Shruti began teachingenglish, she felt right at home. And as a Vidyasagar Institute Teacher, she feels more connected to the profession and to fellow teachers across the city. “Working with a room full of english teachers is rare, but Vidyasagar Institute makes it possible.” Shruti appreciates how Vidyasagar Institute teachers challenge each other to be better and do more. “It’s easy to fall into a routine in your own school or your own classroom. Having a supportive community behind you encourages growth and true professional development.”

An english teacher for nearly 10 years, Shruti believes most students already are well versed in English and it’s the teachers’ job to help them realize that. “English is not a set of grammars, but a way we describe and explain the world around us. It’s my job as a teacher to not only to teach students but empower them to inquire about the world around them.”

Shruti reminds teachers to not hold back when offering ideas. “Vidyasagar Institute is empowering in that sense, because it makes you feel like you’re not alone.”