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Ranjana Rastogi, who holds a Masters Degree in English from The Bangalore University is one of our best faculty members teaching English for the last 8 years.

Full time English Teacher Ranjana says Vidyasagar Institute brings out the best in teachers, as professionals, individuals, and lifelong learners. “Vidyasagar Institute has driven me to explore pedagogical strategies, dive deeper into my subject area, and reflect on my practice. I feel more confident now to take risks, ask questions, and advance student thinking in my classroom.” Ranjana values the variety of Vidyasagar Institute course options for teachers that offer something traditional professional development doesn’t: continuity. “Vidyasagar Institute ‘PDs’ aren’t sessions that you attend one time for the sake of attending. They are a continuous camaraderie between teachers, a constant dialogue amid participants and facilitators that is changing the profession.”

Ranjana believes that students are always capable of learning and succeeding, regardless of their background or previous test scores. “It’s on us as teachers. When we offer them well planned lessons and activities, and invite creative thinking through new projects, anything is possible.” Her students recently worked on a community-based research study, examining subjects ranging from health education to social justice. “The projects at Vidyasagar Institute enable students to engage in productive struggle and find new ways to use the concepts they’ve learned over the years.”