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Mohan Saxena, Double MA (English & Social Science) is imparting his knowledge as an English teacher and building personalities in Vidyasagar Institute for the last 9 years.

As a retired high school sociology teacher, Mohan loves to make connections – between subjects, students, and everyday tasks. And being a part of the Vidyasagar Institute community for nearly a decade gives him the unique opportunity to connect and collaborate with other educators. “At Vidyasagar Institute, I’ve connected with people from different types of backgrounds and schools that I would never have met otherwise.”

Mohan says learning about others’ experiences has made him a better teacher. Having led countless courses at Vidyasagar Institute over the years with a focus on educational policy, Mohan often wonders, “Where else but Vidyasagar Institute can you bring motivated teachers from all grades together to make connections throughout the curriculum?”

Mohan’s favorite subject to teach is personality development: “Teaching students how to create and interpret a log ical model of the real world is one of the most useful things we can do for them.” Mohan believes all students want to learn and that it’s his job to challenge them to do better. “Good english teaching and developing personality makes the subject clear and logical. Teaching students to think logically will help them no matter what they do later in life.”