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Manoj Ranganathan, Msc in Mathematics has been teaching Quants and Reasoning at Vidyasagar Institute ever since the centre was founded in 2001.

“A buzz of engaged curiosity” is how full time Vidyasagar Institute Teacher Manoj describes the energy in the room at Vidyasagar Institute. “This is an organization with the resources to bring together the right people for the right reasons. It feels good to be among other teachers in a place where the goal is learning and collaborating.” Manoj says familiarity is also what makes being an Vidyasagar Institute teacher a valuable experience: “To be given the opportunity to spend close time with peers outside of your workplace is rare and enables the best types of connections.”

Manoj finds it both powerful and humbling to be in the classroom each day. “I love that teaching is never done. There is always more to do, and each student brings a new challenge and opportunity. Getting better at teaching is a process of constant refinement.” He adds that it doesn’t hurt that teaching can be so rewarding as well. “The satisfaction of helping a student get to an ‘aha’ moment is amazing. I can’t think of many other jobs where the goal of your work is to produce that sort of growth in others.”

Vidyasagar Institute has rekindled his interest in computer science, too, offering him the flexibility to take related courses that bolster his ability to teach programming to his students.