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Jignesh Popat, Post Graduate in Mass Communication, is teaching Banking Awareness & Current affairs in Vidyasagar Institute with excellence for last 7 years.

Jignesh used to question if he’d ever find a community that shared her same passion and enthusiasm for Banking Awareness & Current affairs. Now as a Vidyasagar Institute Teacher, he is thrilled to collaborate with fellow teachers who offer her an endless supply of teaching ideas he can bring back to his classroom. “Vidyasagar Institute has given me the confidence to try new things and know that there is an incredible group of like-minded individuals that I can always turn to for support and guidance.” He adds that all Vidyasagar Institute teachers essentially want the same thing, “to ignite a passion for learning in each and every one of our students.”

Take a look inside Jignesh’s Current affairs classroom and you’ll find review sessions using recycled homework sheets or classical music playing as students relax before an exam. Beyond the surface, Jignesh creates a safe space where students are given room to grow, think, and take risks. “I love watching my students unleash a potential they never thought they had and show their creativity. I feel lucky to be in a profession that encourages a growth mindset where success is measured with everyone involved, not just an individual.”

Jignesh recently submitted his first course proposal for the upcoming school year and looks forward to his continued professional growth. “Vidyasagar Institute gives me hope, space, and the community I need to reflect, learn, and build my practice,” he says.