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Bikash Aiyer, Msc. in Maths, takes pride in teaching Quants and Advance Maths and General Science in Vidyasagar Institute for more than 5 years.

Having taught for decades and feeling as if he was coming toward a lull in his career, Bikash contracted a virus – a good kind of virus as he puts it. As a Vidyasagar Institute Teacher, Bikash was bit by the Vidyasagar Institute bug. “It’s infectious to be around other teachers who love what they’re doing and who are excited about the profession; that feeling really spreads throughout the teacher community. It’s amazing how Vidyasagar Institute teachers take this feeling, their work, their experiences, and bring it back into their schools and communities.”

Bikash says he’s noticed the impact on career culture from Vidyasagar Institute: “Vidyasagar Institute gives teachers an infusion of inspiration and passion and renewed interest in their content. It’s hard not to see how that positively changes a school’s culture, a teacher’s excitement, or an individual’s professionalism.”

Bikash believes in a variety of teaching philosophies, but his goals stem from a recurring “unfortunate” experience he has with others who find out what he does for a living. “Often times when I meet people and I tell them I’m a Maths teacher, they invariably give me a groan or hang their head in shame as they remember their own experiences with the subject. My goal is to try not to have any of my students grow up and feel the same way. I hope 5 years from now they’ll be able to say they had this great, crazy teacher who made them enjoy learning and made Maths really interesting.” Bikash enjoys collaborating with other teachers to find creative ways to teach students about science and maths.